Frequently Asked Questions

The IR Grenouilles can measure pulses with wavelengths ranging from 900 to 1100 nm and 1300 to 1650 nm.

The IR Grenouilles measure pulse intensity and phase vs. time, pulse spectrum and spectral phase vs. wavelength, and the actual pulse, not the coherent artifact.

No, the IR Grenouilles require no alignment, making them easy to use.

The IR Grenouilles are used for measuring ultrashort laser pulses with accuracy and reliability in research labs, industrial settings, optical communications, imaging applications, and remote sensing applications in the aerospace industry.

The specifications of the different models of IR Grenouilles include center-wavelength range, pulse-length range, delay increment, temporal range, spectral resolution, spectral range, pulse complexity, intensity accuracy, phase accuracy, sensitivity, spatial-chirp accuracy, pulse-front tilt accuracy, required input polarization, fiber-coupling availability, required input-beam diameter, number of alignment knobs, time to set up, dimensions, and weight.

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