Frequently Asked Questions

The KAUKAS 3 lasers stand out with their superior pulse energy exceeding 3 mJ, enabling high-impact applications where intense, precise energy delivery is crucial.

Featuring a 1534 nm "Eye-Safe" wavelength, the KAUKAS 3 series minimizes the risk of ocular damage, ensuring user safety in proximity to the laser beam.

The series offers LAB, LAB-OEM, and OEM configurations, providing tailored solutions for both research environments and rugged industrial applications.

Yes, its compact, low SWaP design makes it ideally suited for integration into portable and handheld devices, enhancing versatility in field applications.

The KAUKAS 3 series is engineered to deliver a high-quality TEM00 beam, essential for applications that demand uniform beam profiles and precise focusability.

Designed to operate within a 10-40°C range, extendable to -20-60°C for OEM versions, the series ensures consistent performance across diverse settings.

RPMC Lasers Inc provides extensive customization for the KAUKAS 3 series, allowing for modifications to meet specific project requirements and enhance application compatibility.

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