Frequently Asked Questions

The Torus Series DPSS Laser is ideal for a wide range of applications, including Brillouin Scattering, Raman Spectroscopy, Interferometry, Holography, and any other application that demands high spectral purity and precision.

TruLoQ™ technology minimizes the effects of temperature changes on the laser, such as mode-drift and mode-hop, ensuring consistent and stable performance in varying environmental conditions, leading to enhanced reliability and accuracy.

The 1200 g drop-test ensures that all components of the Torus Series DPSS Laser are correctly fitted and able to withstand demanding environments, guaranteeing long operational lifetimes and reliability in real-world applications.

Yes, the Torus Series DPSS Laser is compatible with RemoteApp™ softwre, allowing for convenient local or remote monitoring and control of laser performance. It enables real-time optimization and connectivity to support teams for assistance.

Active mode locking technology minimizes mode drift and eliminates mode hop, resulting in an ultra-stable spectral output. This ensures consistent and repeatable results, making the Torus Series DPSS Laser highly reliable for precision applications.

Yes, the Torus Series DPSS Laser offers customizable options to optimize performance for specific applications. Customers can tailor the laser to meet their unique requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and versatility.

Novanta provides comprehensive support for troubleshooting and optimization through RemoteApp™ software. Customers can connect directly to our support team for expert assistance in diagnosing issues and fine-tuning laser settings as needed.

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