Frequently Asked Questions

MACOR® machinable glass ceramic is a type of ceramic that can be easily fabricated using ordinary machine tools.

MACOR® machinable glass ceramic has a high use temperature, is non-flammable, an excellent electrical and thermal insulator, and is dimensionally stable.

MACOR® is melted and cast using conventional glass making techniques. It is a fluorine rich glass with a composition approaching trisilicic fluorphlogopite mica.

Machining tolerances for MACOR® are surprisingly tight, up to 10 microns (.0005”). It can be machined to a surface finish of less than 0.5 micron (20 microinch) and polished to a smoothness of 125 angstroms (0.5 microinch) average roughness.

MACOR® can be joined or sealed to itself and other materials in a number of ways, including metallizing, soldering, brazing, epoxy, sealing glass, and mechanical joints.

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