Frequently Asked Questions

Accuflect IR is a medium wave and short wave infrared reflector that has excellent performance extending into the visible wavelengths.

Accuflect IR can be used for preheating of solar cells prior to sputtering or diffusion, drying, firing of metallized layers, deposition of antireflection coatings, rapid thermal annealing of thin films, and cell to cell bonding.

The advantages of using Accuflect IR in solar cell fabrication processes include more uniform IR radiation in the heat process zone, refractoriness eliminates the need for active cooling of the reflector surfaces, low thermal impedance allows tight process control loops, cleanliness in high temperature process zones, and recuperative effect of reflection back onto the emitters reduces electrical power input.

The peak emission wavelength of Accuflect IR can be "tuned" to more closely match the absorption spectrum of the solar cell materials.

The infrared systems that can be used with Accuflect IR are short wave emitters with emission wavelengths on the order of 1 to 2 microns.

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