Frequently Asked Questions

Laser-Line RMAX Mirrors have a reflectance of R ≥ 97% at 0º and R ≥ 96.5% at 45º for 193 nm, and R ≥ 99.5% at 0º and R ≥ 99.2% at 45º for 248, 266, and 308 nm. For 355, 532, and 1064 nm, the reflectance is R ≥ 99.7% at 0º and R ≥ 99.4% at 45º.

Substrates are available with plano/plano, plano/concave, and plano/convex surfaces.

RMAX Mirrors are used for beam steering, focusing, and collimating applications.

Laser-Line RMAX Mirrors utilize multi-layer, dielectric thin films.

The high power coating designs are standard for select wavelengths.

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