Variable reflection mirrors (VRM) also known as radial gradient reflection mirrors (RGRM), graded reflection mirrors (GRM) or (super) Gaussian mirrors are unique optical components, designed for specific wavelength with variable reflection value depending on distance form the center of mirror on the mirror ‘s surface. Usually ...
  • Design Wavelength: 266-2500 nm
  • Reflectivity In Center: 15-40 %
  • Profiles: Super-Gaussian, Gaussian, Parabolic, custom 
Data Sheet
Gaussian Mirrors
Laser Components USA, Inc.
Gaussian mirrors, also known as VRM (variable reflecting mirrors), are characterized by a degree of reflection that slopes from the center of the optic in a Gaussian distribution. LASER COMPONENTS is one of the few manufacturers worldwide that offers this special type of mirror. The mirrors are used in unstable resonators where ...
  • Design Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Reflectivity In Center: 35 %
Data Sheet