Frequently Asked Questions

A dielectric mirror is an optical mirror made of thin layers of dielectric coating deposited on an optical substrate.

The dielectric mirrors offered cover wavelength ranges from UV to IR.

Dielectric mirrors offer greater than 99% reflection over broad wavelength ranges, are designed for all polarization states from 0-45° AOI, and have excellent thermal stability due to the fused silica substrate.

Dielectric mirrors are ideal for laser applications and can be used for beam steering or reflection applications utilizing multiple laser sources.

The specifications of the dielectric mirrors include materials such as BK7/Fused silica/Silicon, customized dimensions with tolerance of +/-0.05mm, surface quality of 40/20 or 20/10, surface accuracy of λ/2~λ/10, and various coatings available such as HR@266/355/532/1064nm.

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