lambda/6 Laser Line Mirrors

Photonchina supplies a wide variety of mirrors, ranging from laser line mirrors, harmonic separator mirrors, high reflection (HR) mirrors, partial reflection mirrors and metallic coated mirrors. Wide selection of rectangular, round, elliptical, or custom shape mirrors with flat, spherical concave or convex and cylindrical surfaces ...


Substrate Material: BK7, Supremax 33, Mo, Cu, Si, Metallic, Zerodur, Sapphire, Calcium Fluoride, IR Fused Silica, UV Fused Silica, Fused Silica, Custom
Wavelength Range: 190-4000nm
Angle Of Incidence (AOI): 0-50 deg
Flatness (Coated Surface): lambda/20, lambda/10, lambda/8, lambda/6, lambda/4
Surface Quality: 10-5 scratch-dig, 20-10 scratch-dig, 40-20 scratch-dig, 60-40 scratch-dig
Data Sheet
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