Frequently Asked Questions

The Q2 series laser is designed for a wide range of applications that require high peak power pulses, including Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR), laser ablation/cleaning, LCD repair, and more

The Q2 laser offers up to 80 mJ pulse energy, up to 2 W average power, pulse repetition rates of up to 100 Hz, and a smoothly variable pulse repetition rate for specific output wavelength models. It is air-cooled (water-free), has a pulse duration of 5-10 ns, and features a built-in sync pulse generator for triggering user equipment.

The Q2 laser boasts an innovative design resulting in a compact, user-friendly turnkey system that requires little maintenance. It integrates all laser electronics into its housing, eliminating the need for chillers or bulky power supplies.

Yes, the Q2 laser can be remotely monitored and controlled via a built-in Ethernet interface, allowing users to control the laser using any computer or even a cell phone with a modern web browser. Additionally, an API is provided for integration with user devices.

Optional accessories include attachable second harmonic generators, stand-alone harmonic generators, motorized attenuators, pulse energy monitors, two-channel pulse generators, attachable beam guiding modules, and air-purging units for UV optics longevity.

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