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Frequently Asked Questions

The LumiBright FC 2400B-510 provides intense and stable optical power, has a small footprint, allows for continuous high current or pulsed operation, and is RoHS compliant - environmentally friendly.

The LumiBright FC 2400B-510 supports fiber apertures of 1.0mm to 3.0mm, has a white (4700K+/-300) light, high thermal conductivity metal core PCB, COB array technology with 7 die, and patent-pending technology.

The LumiBright FC 2400B-510 is typically used in medical endoscopy, microscopes, machine vision, and industrial borescopes.

The LumiBright FC 2400B-510 is designed for high luminous flux, white LED illumination into optical fibers, bundles and light guides sized from 1.0 to 3.0mm in diameter.

The maximum coupling efficiency for the Model 2400B-510 requires the use of a fiberoptic or lightguide with equivalent specifications for both the nominal values of Numerical Aperture (NA0) and Clear Aperture (CA0).

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