Frequently Asked Questions

The MDL/E laser welding system is used for real-time seam tracking, weld inspection, and process control in laser welding applications.

The main features of the MDL/E system include precise part to part variation measurement, patented technology to compensate for repeatable errors, tracking of complex 2D and 3D trajectories, minimized setup time, closed loop servo-controlled actuators, and optional adaptive process control and high-precision cold wire feeding system.

The MDL/E system can be used to weld automobile body and chassis components on various materials, perform laser brazing of car body and trunk lid, laser welding of aerospace components, and general industry sheet metal parts.

The MDL/E system utilizes two high-precision 3D laser cameras and a high-quality laser beam delivery head to perform real-time seam tracking and inspection. It also has patented software developed by SERVO-ROBOT to compensate for repeatable errors and precise correction of the 3D trajectory.

Yes, the MDL/E system is capable of tracking complex 2D and 3D trajectories, including curved welds with a curve radius down to 35 mm.

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