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Frequently Asked Questions

The X-Ray Detectors Digital Mammography uses flat-panel, direct conversion digital detectors with a layer of amorphous selenium deposited onto a thin-film transistor array.

The X-Ray Detectors Digital Mammography delivers high DQE (detective quantum efficiency), MTF (modulation transfer function), and contrast, resulting in superior image quality.

Yes, the X-Ray Detectors Digital Mammography enables digital tomosynthesis, which involves taking multiple projection images across the breast from different angles to create a 3D image for improved reading accuracy and reduced false positives.

The X-Ray Detectors Digital Mammography uses lower radiation doses and digital cameras for early detection of breast cancer, providing better support for high-risk patients and making cancer detection more widely available.

Yes, all of our detectors, including the X-Ray Detectors Digital Mammography, are fully certified, including ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications.

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