Mainly developed for SWIR spectroscopy, the IG22 series is a 256-element InGaAs array that operates in the extended SWIR range. In cooled operation, the spectral range is covered up to 2.1 μm (20% cut-off). The pixel design supports auto-zero function and eight selectable gain settings that result in a large dynamic range and ...
  • # Pixels (Resolution): <=250
  • Pixel Size: 30um X 250um
  • Frame Rate: -- scans/sec
Data Sheet
Orion is a digital high speed line scan sensor with configurable photodiode size. Over the SPI interface the photo-diode size can be configured to a 10μm x 10μm size or 10μm x 200μm size. Independently form the photo-diode the conversion capacitance can be configured over SPI interface. The larger ...
  • # Pixels (Resolution): <=4000, <=2000, <=1000
  • Pixel Size: 10um X 10um, 10um X 200um
  • Frame Rate: 60000 scans/sec
Data Sheet