Frequently Asked Questions

A Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM) is a device used to combine light of different wavelengths into a single fiber.

OZ Optics' WDMs are used in applications such as confocal microscopy, white light imaging, full-color holography, fluorescence microscopy, laser spectroscopy, fiber lasers, erbium doped fiber amplifiers, imaging systems, drop/add filters for telecommunications, and OCT systems.

OZ Optics' WDMs have low insertion losses, wide wavelength ranges (375-2000nm), high-power handling capabilities, and are available in PM fiber versions and visible wavelength (Red/Green/Blue) versions. They also offer coarse and dense WDM versions, miniature inline versions, and are cost-effective.

Yes, OZ Optics' WDMs allow for different fiber types to be used on the input and output ends of the device, which is especially useful in fiber amplifier applications.

Yes, OZ Optics specializes in manufacturing custom-designed WDMs. Customers can contact them for more information.

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