Frequently Asked Questions

CWDM and DWDM are both multiplexing technologies used in optical networks. The main difference is the channel spacing. CWDM has a channel spacing of 20nm, while DWDM has a channel spacing of 100/200 GHz.

GLSUN Optical CWDM and DWDM Multiplexers can be used in optical network upgrades and expansions, as well as in introducing new comprehensive business. They are also suitable for WDM systems, CATV, and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network).

GLSUN Optical DWDM Module has low insertion loss, low PDL (Polarization Dependent Loss), high channel isolation, and excellent environmental reliability.

The 5G Fronthaul WDM Module is a coarse wavelength multiplexing/demultiplexing module combined with an optical switch. It supports bidirectional 12 CWDM wavelengths and each wavelength has PD (Power Detection) for optical power detection.

The operating temperature range of GLSUN Optical CWDM and DWDM Multiplexers is -10 to +70 degrees Celsius.

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