Frequently Asked Questions

CWDM Modules are fiber optical multiplexer/demultiplexer systems that are used as a cheaper and simpler alternative to DWDM systems for metro access network applications.

CWDM Modules have wide channel spacing (20 nm), which means they do not require precise wavelength control for transmitter lasers. This allows for the use of cost-effective non-cooled lasers and lower-cost passive components.

CWDM Modules are commonly used for optical add/drop multiplexing in telecom networks and metro networks.

The specifications of CWDM Mux/Demux/OADM Modules and Devices include parameters such as central wavelength, channel spacing, insertion loss, channel uniformity, passband ripple, adjacent channel isolation, return loss, and more.

Yes, the CWDM Mux/Demux/OADM Modules are customizable. Customers can contact the sales representative for product customization or special requirements.

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