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1100 Single Fiber Aligner
Photon Kinetics
The 1100 Single Fiber Aligner uses patented fiber alignment concepts to produce virtually instantaneous temporary couplings for OTDR, dispersion, or any other optical fiber or component test that requires a fiber-to-fiber connection. It delivers low loss, low reflectance couplings on the first try virtually every time, without the ...
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Coherent Solutions
Coherent Solutions’ IQABC with its advanced ABC (Automatic Bias Control) algorithm, accurately and reliably controls and optimizes all the modulator bias points regardless of the modulation format or pattern. Now you just need to hit the AUTO button and focus on your research without worrying if your modulator is ...
  • Supported Modulator Types: Single & dual pol. IQ Mach Zehnder 
  • Supported Modulation Formats: Any modulation format 
  • Bias Control Options: Automatic locking and individual manual bias 
  • Maximum Bias Voltage Range: 28  V
  • Number Of Bias Control Channels:
  • ...
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The ModCon Mode Controller is a compact and lightweight module that will modify your LED or VCSEL light source to provide repeatable EF compliant launch conditions. Plug into your light source for a stable and consistent EF compliant output that meets IEC standard 62180-4-1:2009.
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The MPX Modal Explorer for measuring Encircled Flux. Simply connect your source and patchcord to the MPX and it will measure Modal Launch Conditions in real-time. MPX models available for measurements at 850nm and 1300 nm.
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