Frequently Asked Questions

The TOUCH DNA Visualized Extraction System OR-GDNA1000 has a three-axis (X-Y-Z) adjustable construction, X/Y axial fine-tuning ±20mm, Z axial adjustable height range to 400mm, and dimensions of 400*600*52mm. It weighs 16.2kg.

The TOUCH DNA Visualized Extraction System OR-GDNA1000 provides two solutions: 1) Visualized Touch DNA reduces blind and useless extraction, avoids contamination or mixture, and 2) Tens to hundreds of trace evidence can be detected and extracted accurately.

Touch DNA can be used for various kinds of criminal weapons and tools with anti-reconnaissance cleaning, skin-touched bricks, sticks, clothes, shoes, hats, masks, gloves, etc., detecting trace blood stains and drip bloodstain evidence on dark cotton clothing, fiber fabrics, and black tiles, and detecting saliva, semen spots, urinary traces, and other biological samples.

The TOUCH DNA Visualized Extraction System OR-GDNA1000 is a system that comes with a specialized designed high object distance microscope, integrating multipath combined wavelength light sources, filters group, CMOS camera and Pad. It works for excitation fluorescence of skin cells, blood stain, semen stain, saliva stain, etc., which will be visualized in the Pad screen.

Touch DNA is a forensic method for analyzing DNA left at the scene of a crime, which only requires very small samples, such as skin cells left on an object after it has been touched or casually handled, or from footprints.

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