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Frequently Asked Questions

G&H's waveplates are used in aerospace, astronomy, biomedical, laser power control and attenuation, military, optical isolation, polarimetry, remote sensing, semiconductor metrology, spectroscopy, and surveillance applications.

G&H's achromatic waveplates are typically made of MgF2 and Crystal Quartz, and they have tight internal controls that enable better retardation tolerances within and between production runs.

G&H controls the crystal growth, crystal orientation and cutting, waveplate fabrication, coating, assembly, and metrology stages of the manufacturing process for their waveplates.

G&H uses Crystal Quartz, LiNbO3, MgF2, Mica, Sapphire, and YVO4 for their waveplates.

G&H offers custom specifications for specialty waveplate designs such as off-axis or true-zero order waveplates.

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