Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer 3 different models with varying dimensions and load capacity. Please refer to the downloadable data sheet for all potential options and ordering information.

Please contact us with the button on this page to directly reach out to us at Zolix Instruments and we will respond any questions you might have regarding pricing, shipping and ordering information.

The highest speed is measured with the conditions of zero-load and motors being worked at 600rpm.

Our stock availability and lead times varies from model to model and timing. Please send us a note through FindLight and we will get back to you regarding the availability of the specific model.

A Cardan joint system is a combination of multi-rotation joints that allow objects to rotate around the X, Y, and Z-axis separately.

The Gx series Cardan Joint Systems are constructed using hard black anodic-oxidation aluminum-alloy, which ensures light-weight construction, rigidity, and thermal stability.

Yes, the Gx series Cardan Joint Systems can come with two-phase stepping motors. Other types of motors may also be available as custom options.

The Cardan Joint system offered by Zolix Instruments allows precise rotational control of optical elements. It can be used for precise alignment in spectroscopic measurements, bio-medical experiments, optical setups, telescope alignment, and more.

The Gx series Cardan Joint system offers a through hole at the center of the stage for unlimited rotating motions, external positioning sensors (optional), a stainless steel rotary shaft, modular design for easy maintenance, and customer-design proposals as optional features.

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