Frequently Asked Questions

The QE95LP-H-MB energy detector can measure pulse energy of up to 250J with an attenuator and 70J without an attenuator.

Yes, the detector has a modular concept that allows you to increase the power capability with two different cooling modules.

The detector has an effective aperture of 95 mm Ø.

Yes, the QE95LP-H-MB energy detector has a QED attenuator available that allows you to measure up to 5X higher energies. It is available with optional calibration for all wavelengths between 532 & 1064 nm or for a single wavelength.

The MB coating has a low noise level of 15 μJ.

The test target included with the MB models is used for calibration purposes.

The QE95LP-H-MB energy detector is used for pulsed high power laser energy measurements in a wide spectral range of 190nm - 20um (without attenuator) and for spectroscopy.

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