Frequently Asked Questions

The Axiom Series DPSS Laser is a high-power and high-performance laser range designed by Laser Quantum for OEM integrators. It boasts exceptional power stability and low noise, making it ideal for demanding applications such as Wafer inspection, Particle Counting, and Quantum Technologies.

The Axiom laser offers flexible cooling solutions to suit various environments. It can be equipped with a standard water-based cooling system or an optional forced air cooling system, providing versatility and ensuring efficient thermal management in diverse operational settings.

The Axiom laser incorporates active noise cancellation technology, ensuring ultra-low noise and ultra-stable output. Its optimum optical design further enhances power stability and minimizes false positives, guaranteeing consistent and accurate results across industrial environments.

Yes, the Axiom laser is engineered for 24/7 operation, featuring long operational lifetimes and remote accessibility. These attributes reduce downtime and enable planned servicing, ensuring uninterrupted performance in critical applications requiring round-the-clock operation.

Scientific users benefit from a comprehensive 2-year unlimited hours warranty with the Axiom laser. Additionally, LabView drivers are available for enhanced integration and control capabilities, providing users with reliable support and access to advanced functionalities.

Yes, the Axiom laser offers customizable options to optimize performance for various applications. It features an intelligent control unit with PowerLoQ™ technology for extreme power stability. Moreover, RemoteApp™ software allows for convenient local or remote control and optimization.

The Axiom laser boasts leading power levels at key wavelengths, delivering high power to the sample. With beam pointing stability below 2 μrad/°C, typical noise values around <0.03%, and power stability of <0.1%, it ensures exceptional performance in electronic inspection, metrology, and particle measurement.

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