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Frequently Asked Questions

The product features patented technologies that encompass non-imaging optics with chip-on-board metallic substrates to provide both optimum luminous efficacy as well as ideal thermal management.

The LumiBright LE 2400B-500-W is ideally suited for endoscope and microscope illuminator applications, as well as medical endoscopy, microscopes, machine vision, and industrial borescopes.

The LumiBright LE 2400B-500-W is a light engine that provides high luminous flux, white LED illumination into optical fibers, bundles, and light guides sized from 3.0 to 5.0 mm in diameter.

The maximum number of die for the LumiBright LE 2400B-500-W is 7.

The operating temperature range for the LumiBright LE 2400B-500-W is -40° C to 85° C depending on drive conditions.

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