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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Cree XLamp CMT1930 LED is RoHS and REACh compliant, making it environmentally friendly.

The Cree XLamp CMT1930 LED is suitable for non-directional and directional lighting applications such as track, downlight, and outdoor lighting.

The Cree XLamp CMT1930 LED features a 14.5-mm optical source, Cree EasyWhite 2-, 3-, and 5-step binning, premium color 2- and 3-step binning, standard and premium color LEDs available in 70, 80, 90, and 95 CRI minimum options, eTone LEDs available in 90 CRI minimum option, forward voltage option: 36-V class, 85 °C binning and characterization, maximum drive current: 2000 mA, 115° viewing angle, uniform chromaticity profile, top-side solder connections, RoHS and REACh compliant, and UL recognized component (E349212).

The Cree XLamp CMT1930 LED is a high-current LED array optimized for best-in-class lumen output, efficacy, and reliability at high drive currents.

The eTone version of the Cree XLamp CMT1930 LED delivers beautiful 90 CRI light quality at the same efficacy as today's standard 80 CRI LEDs. Featuring the same mechanical and optical characteristics as the Standard version, the eTone LEDs allow easy upgrades from 80 CRI to 90 CRI without sacrificing performance.

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