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Frequently Asked Questions

Pixelated polarizers are used for real-time 3D imaging without camera image overlay.

Pixelated polarizers enable real-time imaging by eliminating the need for overlaying and aligning two images taken with different polarizations.

The benefits of using pixelated polarizers include user-defined geometries, low cross-talk, accurate registration, and the ability to use single camera systems.

Pixelated polarizers can be used for applications such as polarimetry and 3D cameras, biometric facial recognition, biological analysis cell differentiation, polarization microscopy, polarized fiber-optic probes, remote sensing, target discrimination, interferometry, and pollution detection.

Yes, there are different options available for pixel sizes. Standard options include 5.8µm, 6.5µm, 7.4µm, 8.0µm, and 9.0µm, and custom pitch sizes are also available.

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