Frequently Asked Questions

A Glan-Taylor Polarizer is made of two birefringent material prisms separated by an air space. It is designed to remove the reflected ordinary polarization component of a beam.

The purpose of a Glan-Taylor Polarizer is to divide an entering unpolarized beam into beam rays, one is the extraordinary that is transmitted through the other side, and another is the ordinary ray that is totally internally reflected absorbed.

The transmitted extraordinary ray is the only ray that should be used for applications that require a high-quality, polarized beam. The ordinary ray is totally internally reflected absorbed.

Glan-Taylor Polarizers are only designed to work with well collimated light beams. Converging and diverging input beams will not exhibit proper polarization and incidence angle at the internal interface.

The scratch and dig rating of Glan-Taylor Polarizers is 20/10.

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