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Frequently Asked Questions

The unique feature of the Bimorph Deformable Mirrors is that they are water-cooled, which eliminates the risk of thermal damage up to 50 kW/cm2.

The applications of the Bimorph Deformable Mirrors include high-power lasers, laser beam shaping, turbidity correction, and turbulence compensation.

The specifications of the Bimorph Deformable Mirrors include a clear aperture of 20-1000 mm, voltage range of -400 to +600 V, and number of control channels of 14-256.

Stacked-Actuators Mirrors are used for atmospheric turbulence correction and have a high density of actuators with a small inter-actuator space, which is good for high-order aberration corrections.

Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors are used for laser beam analysis and can analyze the wavefront and calculate its aberrations with high precision.

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