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Adaptive Optics Software

ALPAO Core Engine (ACE) is the perfect choice to control adaptive optics systems. Using ACE, you are able to develop quickly and efficiently your own adaptive optics instruments. ACE has been developed by optical engineers for optical engineers. Many features have been implemented to make AO always simpler and more powerful. The ...


Pure Delay (computer Depend): 1.5 ms
AO Loop Frequency: 1200 Hz
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For the most demanding applications, ALPAO can provide a state-of-the-art ALPAO Real Time Computer (ALPAO RTC), a CPU linux based Real Time Computer (RTC) running up to 5kHz with the RTC latency lower than 150µs.


Pure Delay: 150 ┬Ás
AO Loop Frequency: 5 kHz
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Mirrorcle Technologies MEMS Software
Mirrorcle Technologies Inc
The software suite enables users to perform MEMS mirror device driving from proof of concept in new application development to products. Additionally, it has been proven to be an excellent educational tool for MEMS students and professionals. It features software development capabilities with extensive C++, Matlab, Labview and ...
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