Frequently Asked Questions

The ALPAO Real Time Computer (ALPAO RTC) is a CPU linux based Real Time Computer (RTC) running up to 5kHz with the RTC latency lower than 150µs.

The key features of the ALPAO Real Time Computer include speed, low latency and jitter, and flexibility.

The RTC control node is based on the ACE toolbox, which is already powering more than 100 adaptive optics systems worldwide. The ACE layer is based on the standard Matlab® environment, which allows high flexibility.

Some of the functionalities provided in ACE include step-by-step operation of the RTC pipeline, non-intrusive monitoring of all data streams, and configuration of each worker process such as integration time, CCD gain, CCD readout mode, CCD dark and flat images for gain/offset compensation, threshold level, target centroids, partial command matrix, integrator gain, and deformable mirror offsets.

Yes, the ALPAO Real Time Computer can be easily customized to fit your application, with different architectures such as Single Input Single Output, Single Input Multiple Output, and Multi Input Multi Output, enhanced telemetry capability, faster command matrix update, and more. Contact ALPAO for more information.

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