Frequently Asked Questions

ALPAO Deformable Mirrors (DMs) are instruments that feature large strokes, high dynamic motion, and excellent optical quality. They are designed to correct wavefront errors with high precision.

The key features of ALPAO Deformable Mirrors include large deformation, high dynamic motion, and excellent optical quality. They also have low hysteresis, high linearity, and great stability.

ALPAO Deformable Mirrors can be used in various applications, such as astronomy, microscopy, and ophthalmology. They can correct large aberrations and shape wavefronts with high precision.

The settling time of ALPAO Deformable Mirrors is as low as 400µs (at ±10%) with very low overshoot. This allows for excellent correction because adaptive optics temporal errors are drastically reduced.

Optional items and accessories available for ALPAO Deformable Mirrors include a high stability option, other coatings (gold, aluminum, or dielectric), a rotation stage for precise tip-tilt and alignment adjustment, and LED box for testing control software.

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