Simplimax Automated Package Inspection
i4 Solutions LLC
How many things can go wrong when packaging your product? From vendor errors to setup issues, too much is at stake to leave it to chance. With Simplimax automated package inspection, you can:Confirm that your products are in the correct packages, have the right labels and marks, and have been properly filled and sealedReduce scrap by ...
  • Resolution Range: 1 - 1 dpi
  • Inspection Type: Print, Code, Images, Logos, Symbols, Other
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LIONEYE 2 Optical Sensor
Lion Precision
The Lion Precision LionEye2 is an inexpensive optical sensor for the detection and registration of label edges and splices. The sensor output signal indicates the leading or trailing edge of the label as it passes through the sensor.
  • Resolution Range: 1 - 1 dpi
  • Inspection Type: Images
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Coding And Inspection
QualiVision AG
All-in-one solution for quality assurance of imprints on products, foils, labels and packaging.  
  • Resolution Range: 600 - 720 dpi
  • Inspection Type: Print
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