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Frequently Asked Questions

SCHÖLLY's uretero-renoscopes offer outstanding performance (picture quality, insertion, irrigation), safe and reliable use (robust, laser welded, easy to clean), durability that extends the lifetime, resulting in low cost of ownership, easy to use due to unique locking mechanism, and smooth insertion into the urethra and ureter by special distal tip.

SCHÖLLY's uretero-renoscopes have a highly optimized distal tip design, high irrigation flow, are autoclavable, and have a semi-flexible sheath with 15° bending in all directions at full lifetime. The working length and direction of view vary depending on the item number.

A uretero-renoscope is an instrument used for visualizing the bladder, ureter, and renal pelvis for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

The "Grid Removal" algorithm of the FlexiVision camera series can optimize the image by reducing the visibility of the honeycomb structure as much as possible.

SCHÖLLY's uretero-renoscopes use high-performing image bundles for optimal image transmission. The image bundle design ensures that the pixel pitch is as small as possible, producing a homogeneous image with a minimal honeycomb appearance.

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