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Frequently Asked Questions

Accessories available for NEPHROSCOPES include the instrument bridge for all above-mentioned nephroscopes (including two cleaning brushes), sealing cap, and different cleaning brushes for the nephroscope and instrument bridge.

NEPHROSCOPES use high-performance image bundles for optimal image transmission. They have a longer service life compared to similar devices with rod lens systems. The image bundle is designed to ensure that the pixel pitch is as small as possible, producing a homogeneous image with a minimal honeycomb appearance.

NEPHROSCOPES have a straight channel for rigid lithotripsy probes, laser fibers, stone baskets, or other instruments. They come in different diameters, working lengths, and direction of view. The scope of delivery includes the nephroscope and cleaning brush for the nephroscope. The instrument bridge needs to be ordered separately.

The "Grid Removal" algorithm of the FlexiVision camera series can optimize the image by reducing the visibility of the honeycomb structure as much as possible.

The main use of NEPHROSCOPES is for percutaneous nephrolithotomy, which is mainly used for removing kidney stones from the renal pelvis.

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