Frequently Asked Questions

The LAS-BT is a compact, bench-top precision model, the LAS-UP is a midsize, ultra-precision free-standing model, and the LAS-LS is a custom-designed model for large lens-systems assembly like microlithography stepper lenses.

The Laser Alignment Station is used for precision lens centration and tilt measurements without changing objectives.

Options for the LAS-BT and LAS-UP models include vertical focusing travel, "Calculens 3D" software, rotary encoder for ABS, custom brass chucks, self-centering three-jaw chuck, electronic indicator with ultra-light probe, MWIR or LWIR Optical Module, and center thickness and airspace measurement.

The user-friendly software "CalcuLens Assembly" is standard to all LAS models with some variations. The LAS with "CalcuLens Inspection" is a very powerful metrology tool for quality assurance of completed, assembled lenses.

The LAS can measure lenses with radius ranging from 2.0 mm to infinity (plano), lens diameters from 1 mm to 800 mm+, including cylinder, aspheric and parabolic surfaces.

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