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Frequently Asked Questions

The UVblade is used for Laser Lift-Off (LLO) separation of substrates and wafers in the manufacturing of flexible displays.

The UVblade offers cost-effective solutions for LLO separation, Pulse on Demand (POD) functionality, unmatched beam utilization, scalability in line lengths and energy density, and a flexible system footprint.

The UVblade is suitable for Laser Lift-Off separation of wafers and displays, as well as providing a unique Lift-Off solution for Transparent and Colorless Polyimide (CPI).

The UVblade is available in different models with varying wavelengths, laser pulse energy, repetition rate, energy density, beam length, beam width, homogeneity, and depth of focus.

More information about the UVblade can be found in the UVblade Datasheet available on the Coherent website or by contacting Coherent directly.

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