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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the output bandpass can be varied using included adjustable slits.

Yes, the TLS-72-X300 is flexible with optional features such as full automation, various sources and monochromators, and more.

The TLS-72-X300 can be used for absorption/transmission/reflection measurement systems, as an excitation light source in fluorescence measurement systems, eye protection products measurement system, PEC photochemistry measurement systems, and solar cell quantum efficiency measurement systems.

The overall spectral range of the TLS-72-X300 is 300-1800 nm.

The TLS-72-X300 is a complete plug and play system consisting of a lamp housing with Xe lamp, 601-300 power supply, 9072 monochromator (1/8 meter), filter wheel (with 4 filters) mounted to a metal baseplate to create a compact, fully assembled illuminator.

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