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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Pyrolaser® can be operated from the instrument’s keypad or remotely from a PC.

The Pyrolaser® is accurate to ±5°F (±3°C) after emissivity correction.

The Pyrolaser® has an extremely fast 1ms data acquisition rate.

The Pyrolaser® infrared thermometer is used for temperature measurement in refractories, ovens, furnaces, and vacuum chambers, as well as in research and development, quality control, and forging applications.

The Pyrolaser® can measure standard temperature ranges of 1100°F – 2730°F (600°C – 1500°C) and extended temperature ranges of 1300°F – 3600°F (700°C – 2000°C), 1450°F – 4500°F (790°C – 2500°C), and 1550°F – 5400°F (850°C – 3000°C).

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