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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a Camera Head can support a number of sensors with the appropriate configuration of the timing generator and support software.

Yes, other sensors or special requirements can be included in the list by contacting the factory.

All socket adapters are designed to permit cooling of the sensor by a "cold finger" against the back of the sensor package.

Socket Adapters are used to connect a given CCD or FPA to the Camera Head electronics in the CCH Dewar.

Currently, the following devices are supported: TC223, Cassini JPL, CCD422 Loral, TK512 Site, TK1024A Site, CCD-17 EEV, CCD-42-10 EEV, THX7422A Thomson, CRC585 Raytheon/SBRC, SBRC117 Raytheon/SBRC, AE173/194 Raytheon/Amber, AE195 Raytheon/Amber, TCM2001 Rockwell, and TCM2550 Rockwell.

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