Frequently Asked Questions

GaiaField-Pro (GFP) is a Hyperspectral Imaging Camera that provides extremely high resolution images by scanning and taking multiple images to construct a hyperspectral datacube.

GaiaField-Pro obtains spatial slit spectra by projecting a strip of light from the scene onto a slit and dispersing the slit image with a prism or a grating. It collects spectral information from the imaged object rather than simply assigning discrete colors to each pixel.

Yes, GaiaField-Pro is very portable. It can keep working for approximately 4 hours using the internal battery and can be connected to an iPad or phone through internal WiFi.

GaiaField-Pro offers features such as auto exposure time, auto match scanning speed, auxiliary camera, data analysis functions, spectral imaging view and export functions, images stitching, and iPad and smartphone connectivity.

GaiaField-Pro has applications in environmental monitoring, agriculture, military surveillance, geological research, and medicine. It can be used for water quality monitoring, crop health monitoring, mineral exploration, and diagnosing retinopathy and macular degeneration.

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