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Frequently Asked Questions

DIAMOND Fiber Optic Components E-2000-PM provides optimum control of the signal polarization state in fiber-optical interfaces.

The features include processes for active polarization orientation (APO), low insertion losses (IL), and designed and tested for uncontrolled environment.

It is suitable for applications in biomedicine, spectroscopy, meteorology, sensor technology, and laser technology.

The extensive number of connector variants include E-2000®, F-3000®, AVIM®, Midi AVIM®, Mini-AVIM®, Micro AVIM®, DMI, SC, FC, LSA (DIN), HE-2000®, MIL-83526 DM4, MIL-38999 DM4 size 13.

DIAMOND Fiber Optic Components E-2000-PM meets the international quality standards governing polarization-maintaining optical fibers and connectors, including IEC 61755-3-7/8 and IEC 61753-2-1.

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