Frequently Asked Questions

The LMA Ytterbium doped tapered fiber YDF-DC-40/400-PM-TPR series is designed for operation without any power degradation in extremely high-peak-power cladding-pumped amplifiers.

The typical dimensions of the single-mode end are 8/80 µm for signal input, and the typical dimensions of the very-large-mode-area end are 40/400 µm for signal output and pump input.

The fiber has an all-glass double-clad design based on a highly F-doped second cladding with a typical NA of 0.26. This design allows for simple polishing of the thick 400 µm fiber end.

Amplifiers based on this fiber have the highest threshold of nonlinear effects over the market, up to 0.5 MW.

Amplifiers based on this fiber have diffraction-limited beam quality at the output.

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