Dichroic mirrors are used to combine beams or to split two beams that have different wavelengths. With a long pass mirror, the long wavelengths are transmitted and the short ones reflected. Short-pass mirrors allow the short wavelengths to pass and reflect the long ones. 
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): 0 degree
  • Reflection Wavelength @ 0 Deg AOI: 0 - 532 nm
  • Transmission Wavelength @ 0 Deg AOI: 0 - 1064 nm
  • Reflection Wavelength @ 45 Deg AOI: 0 - 1064 nm
  • Transmission Wavelength @ 45 Deg AOI: 400 - 700 nm
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Did You know?

An optical coating is one or more thin layers of material deposited on an optical component, such as a lens or a mirror. The coating alters the way in which the component reflects and transmits light. Dichroic coatings, also known as long pass/short pass coatings, are designed for application where wavelength separation of incident light in transmission and reflection is necessary. In other words, dichroic coatings are used to selectively pass light of a small range of wavelengths, while reflecting all other wavelengths.