Partially reflective mirrors with a dielectric coating can be manufactured on a standard basis for the wavelength range from 193nm to 5um. An angle of incidence of 0 makes it an output coupler; an angle of incidence 45 makes it a beam splitter. Additional angles of incidence can also be produced.
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): 0 degree
  • Wavelength Range: 193 - 5000 nm
  • Min Transmission: 80 %
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Did You know?

An optical coating is one or more thin layers of material deposited on an optical component, such as a lens or a mirror. The coating alters the way in which the component reflects and transmits light. Partially reflective coatings are a type of optical coating designed for application where only a portion of light shall be reflected, and are used for beamsplitters and other components of various kinds. By controlling the thickness and density of a coating, light reflectivity and transmission can be tailored for various scientific applications.