45-Degree Plate Beam Splitter
Abrisa Technologies
Beam Splitter (BS) is a term used to describe various coatings which divide a beam of light into separate beams.Dichroic filters are often called beam splitters. In this section, we will be describing beam splitters that divide light at each wavelength of interest into two separate beams. These beam splitters are typically designed ...
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): 45 degree
  • Wavelength Range: 450 - 650 nm
  • Min Transmission: 20 %
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Ion Beam Sputtering Coatings
Evaporated Coatings Inc
ECI produces thin-film coatings using a variety of different deposition methods, our most advanced deposition method is Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS). Ion Beam Sputtering produces coatings that are very dense with low surface roughness. Another advantage of IBS thin-film coatings is that they exhibit superior thermal stability. IBS ...
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): Not Specified
  • Wavelength Range: 425 - 700 nm
  • Min Transmission: 0 %
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Optical Filters
Intlvac Thin Film
Intlvac can provide custom optical filters for a diverse range of substrates and for the VIS, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR spectral regions. The links below provide examples of a few of these coatings.1. SINGLE AND MULTI BANDPASS FILTERSCoating Description: a bandpass filter is designed to transmit energy only within a selected band of ...
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): Not Specified
  • Wavelength Range: 1 - 1 nm
  • Min Transmission: -- %
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Partial Reflection UV Coating for Excimer (180-379 nm)
Partial Reflection Subtypes.
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): 45 degree
  • Wavelength Range: 180 - 379 nm
  • Min Transmission: 98 %
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Laser Beam Splitter Coatings
NANEO Precision IBS Coatings GmbH
NANEO provides various types of laser beam splitters. The division ratio can be made polarization-insensitive e.g. Neutral Beam Splitters (BSN). The phase for both, s and p-polarization, is preserved by phase control in the Phase Polarization Controlled Beam Splitters (BSPP). The Dispersion Controlled Beam Splitters (BSDC) provides ...
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): 0 degree, 45 degree
  • Wavelength Range: 400 - 1500 nm
  • Min Transmission: 50 %
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Beam Splitter Coatings
Optonetic LLC
Beam Splitter Coatings.
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): Not Specified
  • Wavelength Range: 200 - 900 nm
  • Min Transmission: 25 %
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Optical coatings used for UV, VIS, and IR optics for scientific and industrial applications. 
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): 0 degree, 45 degree
  • Wavelength Range: 300 - 12000 nm
  • Min Transmission: 99.9 %
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Partially reflective mirrors with a dielectric coating can be manufactured on a standard basis for the wavelength range from 193nm to 5um. An angle of incidence of 0 makes it an output coupler; an angle of incidence 45 makes it a beam splitter. Additional angles of incidence can also be produced.
  • Angle Of Incidence (AOI): 0 degree
  • Wavelength Range: 193 - 5000 nm
  • Min Transmission: 80 %
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Did You know?

An optical coating is one or more thin layers of material deposited on an optical component, such as a lens or a mirror. The coating alters the way in which the component reflects and transmits light. Partially reflective coatings are a type of optical coating designed for application where only a portion of light shall be reflected, and are used for beamsplitters and other components of various kinds. By controlling the thickness and density of a coating, light reflectivity and transmission can be tailored for various scientific applications.