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Frequently Asked Questions

The modular concept of Metro-Lab provides complete freedom for lab expansion as volume grows. Efficient processes mean low personnel requirements.

ART Technology (Alloy Replacement Technology) is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional alloy blocking. ART utilizes a universal, reusable plastic block piece and a fast UV-curable adhesive, that eliminates cooling time after blocking.

Express-AR is Satisloh’s concept that starts with front side hard and AR coated blanks. Only the back side is coated in the local lab. Lenses stay on the ART block during the coating process.

Metro-Lab provides unsurpassed production stability for small spaces and allows labs to offer 3 to 5 hour service by the help of Express-AR (EX AR) starting with front side hard and AR coated blanks.

Metro-Lab is a lens production platform that allows labs to produce top quality digital lenses with AR coating close to the consumer for fastest service.

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