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Frequently Asked Questions

CCP Modulo S offers unmatched quality in the market, increased throughput (+25%), automated operation and tool change – all shift long, polishing of all lens designs in the widest curve range, and is a perfect solution for RX and freeform lenses.

CCP Modulo S is the latest generation of the CCP Modulo machine series, which is a high-quality two-lens polisher that allows for polishing the widest range of curvatures in the market and is now even faster.

The Modulo Line is a highly integrated system solution that combines high level intelligence and plug-and-play simplicity. It manages the production flow all by itself – fully self-sufficient and with the highest level of equipment utilization.

The process technology used in CCP Modulo S features long-life polishing pads as well as an innovative process design that allows for significant savings in costs per lens.

The integrated washing station in CCP Modulo S cleans lenses while the next set of lenses is polished.

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