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Frequently Asked Questions

The combination of powerful machine technology and superior process design provides outstanding polishing results for even the most demanding specifications. Subsequent measurement and corrective polishing steps are reduced to a minimum thanks to the automatic calculation of error corrections and the control of significant threshold values.

The ALP 120 provides superior aspheric lens polishing, highly deterministic process for best lens quality, extraordinary process stability, very short setup time for new geometries, minimal operator interaction, automated data handling, lens tracking, prefabricated high-accuracy tools, and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

The Advanced Polishing System 3D (APS 3D) unites a new groundbreaking high-precision polishing technology for aspheres with an intelligent process flow and minimal user interaction.

The ALP 120 was specifically designed for high-quality polishing of aspheres using SCHNEIDER‘s Advanced Polishing System 3D.

Another focus of the polisher, besides highest lens quality, is utmost ease of use. Special material treatments on the inner shielding greatly reduce polish adhesion and make it easy to clean – crucial for any polish changes or adaptations. In addition, the work space design allows for convenient access and simplified maintenance.

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