Frequently Asked Questions

A top-hat beam shaper is a diffractive optical element used to transform a near-gaussian laser beam into a uniform-intensity spot with sharp edges in a specific work plane.

Typical applications of top-hat beam shapers include laser ablation, laser welding, laser perforation, laser scribing, and medical and aesthetic laser applications.

The ST-291-I-Y-A beam shaper has very good uniformity, high efficiency, a sharp beam edge, high power threshold, optional Ar/Ar coating, and can produce any output beam profile.

The input parameters for the ST-291-I-Y-A beam shaper include a wavelength of 1064 nm and a required beam diameter at 1/e2 of 2 mm.

The output shape of the ST-291-I-Y-A beam shaper is square, with a full angle at 1/e2 of 1.02 mRad and a transfer region of 0.25 mRad. The transmission efficiency is close to 100% and the overall efficiency is approximately 84%.

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