Laser Beam Stabilizers

The Fiber Optical Homogenizer (Laser Beam Stabilizers) is an all-fiber passive component which can efficiently homogenize speckle pattern and reduce unwanted modal noise (striations, hot spots, and beam non-uniformity) within a multimode optical fiber, producing a stable output beam that has fewer speckle hot spots and more uniform ...


Wavelength: 400-1800nm
Typical Power Loss: 5 %
Fiber Core/Cladding (μm): 105/125, 200/220, 400/440
Numerical Aperture: 0.22
Transmission Efficiency: ≥90%
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Kinetic River Corp
The Beam Genie  is a compact solution that actively compensates for laser beam misalignment due to thermal shifts in laser pointing, maintaining proper aiming of a laser beam to its intended target. For applications to flow cytometry, the Beam Genie keeps a laser beam locked onto the sample core stream, ...


Wavelength: 300-1000nm
Typical Power Loss: 2 %
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