Frequently Asked Questions

The Fiber Optical Homogenizer is designed to efficiently homogenize speckle pattern and reduce unwanted modal noise within a multimode optical fiber, producing a stable output beam with fewer speckle hot spots and a more uniform energy intensity profile.

The Fiber Optical Homogenizer features high transmission efficiency, an in-line all-fiber structure, small and compact designs, and high reliability and stability.

The Fiber Optical Homogenizer can be used to reduce laser speckle noise (hot spots), eliminate striations and beam non-uniformity, and homogenize laser material processing.

The Fiber Optical Homogenizer is available with multimode fibers with core diameters of 105 μm, 200 μm, and 400 μm.

Yes, the Fiber Optical Homogenizer is customizable, and the specifications mentioned are subject to change without notice.

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